• ChinEAT



“the real and genuine taste of Chinese cuisine abroad”

ChinEAT takes its name from a very simple, yet meaningful, concept:


China + EAT


We all know much (although never enough) about the second word, “EAT”, as it particularly attached to our daily lives.


China + EAT


We might also know something about China, a huge country with a population of over 1,3 billion people and 56 minorities - the basis of China’s great diversity in terms of habits, geographical conditions, and of course, food culture(s). 


But what if we talked about these two concepts together? China-Eat ------ChinEAT


Well, we might have to admit that we still know too little, or even more precisely, that we still want to know much more, and possibly, that we want to know something true (and tasty…) about that.


If you agree, you are definitely going to like what is next… 


ChinEAT is a brand founded by a team of international, young and passionate people, who, by developing and selecting some of the most representative and appealing elements of the Chinese culinary traditions, have created a new food concept for the world to enjoy true, genuine and tasty Chinese flavors.


Our mission is very simple and straight-forward:


“let the world truly enjoy Chinese food”


ChinEAT locations to be coming soon!


In the meantime, we propose you our product line of tasty and, in some cases, spicy, sauces to be enjoyed at home or at affiliated restaurants.

ChinEAT’s Product Line

Chongqing Spicy Sauce 36°, 45°,52°

 Chongqing, the world’s biggest city is here to provide you of one of the tastiest food experiences ever. Famous for his numbing and spicy flavour, Chongqing Sauce can be paired to noodles, fried rice and meat. Try it also as topping/dipping sauce! Available in three different Li's Spicy Scale levels


Szeshuan Sauce 36°, 45°,52°

 When soybeans meet chillies. A great encounter to spicy up any of your dishes. Try it also on burgers, noodles and fried rice.


Kung Pao Sauce 36°, 45°,52°

 We do not really have to explain much here. A must when we talk about Chinese cuisine. Try it with chicken, but expand your horizons with fish-red meat and other pairings. The choice is yours.


Xi'An Spicy Tomato Sauce 36°

 Tomato spicy sauce, a classic with some Chinese characteristics this time. Not too spicy, it goes with literally anything.

Yunnan Sauce (Black Pepper and Mushrooms

 A great selection of mushrooms with a touch of black pepper to add the best flavours to your meat and fish dishes. Suitable also for bread appetizers, noodles and rice.


Hainan Sauce 12°(Yellow Pepper)

 Smooth flavour of yellow chilli peppers with a combination of vegetables. Good pairings with meat, fish and bread dishes. Suitable also as topping/dipping sauce.