New food products and concepts, but behind the ecosystem DeZhuang there’s much more. International mindset and commitment to quality, and ethical behavior are the cornerstones of our company culture. We have been recognized on a global level for our commitment to internationalization, sustainability, and people.


Food safety:

Our fully traceable and centralized production serves to guarantee solely the highest quality to our customers. Since the very first moment our R&D team has always worked to find the right balance between quality, safety, sustainability, and taste. From these premises, for instance, originates the studies conducted on “bio-enzyme tenderization technology” for food preservation. From such studies, in 2001, the Group launched its own “DeZhuang’s beef omasum” which is currently the local standard in Chongqing for related signature hot pot dishes.

There where safety can’t be ensured, or laws don’t allow the import of certain ingredients, DeZhuang works jointly with local producers and manufacturers to offer to the people our products and services in full compliance with their laws and quality standards.


Social commitment:

After the 2008 Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake, DeZhuang joined the disaster relief tasks and initiated the “porridge shed” project, which saw several Chongqing’s catering companies involved in providing with hot meals the victims of the disaster. Similar measures were deployed in 2013 and 2017 subsequently to the Ya’an and Jiuzhaihou earthquakes.

Besides initiatives related to disaster relief, DeZhuang has always been involved in poverty alleviation programs. Our company regularly offers economic and material aids to the China Charity Federation and tries to make a difference in people’s lives helping elderly with no family and sponsoring students in financial difficulty. Even our raw materials bases have a role from this perspective: DeZhuang invests in these rural areas bringing new infrastructures and employment. Nevertheless, DeZhuang contributes to the overall development of rural areas and by exporting their natural products and therefore making their culinary culture and tradition well-known everywhere in the country and in the rest of the world.

In February 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, DeZhuang has also directly contributed to the fight against the virus in the Hubei province providing technical aid to the medical authorities.

For these and other initiatives, DeZhuang Group was credited by the Chongqing Municipal People’s Government as “a model enterprise in employment and reemployment” and was enlisted among the “a hundred model private enterprises in employment”.


Food culture:

DeZhuang’s original mission has always been striving to offer authentic tastes of Chinese cuisine everywhere in the world through new products and food service operations. In this process of internationalization of this culinary tradition, we recognize the importance that the latter has for us, and our responsibility in respecting this heritage.

Over the years DeZhuang Group has become a representative of the Chongqing and Szechuan cuisine in the whole country, while DeZhuang International has become the ambassador of this culinary culture in the world. A huge hotpot measuring 10 meters in diameter x 13 tons, and made of 56 small pots, was built by the Group to represent China’s 56 ethnic groups united by their food traditions. That same huge hotpot was later chosen to represent the city of Chongqing in the Second China International Import Expo and then awarded the “Guinness World Record” title for the world’s bigger hot pot in 2019.

Currently DeZhuang International is working alongside with the international non-profit organization, the World Chilli Alliance (WCA), to spread the “Chilli Culture” worldwide, and raise awareness about the historical, social and cultural heritage linked to this spice.


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