Restaurant operations

Restaurant and food concepts R&D

Our team of experts works closely with international food and catering industry's key players to develop innovative product lines and restaurant chain concepts aimed at the global market.

At DeZhuang International, we believe R&D is part of a business strategy for long-term success that focuses on building an interdisciplinary team of experts whose collective goal is to develop strategies that are more efficient, while creating value that satisfies customer needs.


Our R&D Process

  • Step 1: Ideation Using a market analysis, the team brainstorms on how to meet the consumer’s needs with new product lines and restaurant chain concepts. Our team of experts will consider equipment utilization, kitchen/restaurant layout, labor resources, restaurant brand identity, etc., and use this information to drive and direct the creative process.
  • Step 2: Exploration The R&D team works to determine specific strategies that can bring its ideas to fruition. In this process, the team assesses its collective resources and identifies challenges and opportunities.
  • Step 3: Feasibility The product lines and restaurant chain concepts R&D team scrutinizes the strategies, assessing their feasibility and considering what can be achieved.
  • Step 4: Validation Prototypes produced using the accepted plan are evaluated to ensure that the team’s objectives are met. Products or their constituent ingredients are screened for desired sensory quality, and tested for optimal shelf life and safety (including physical, microbial and chemical).
  • Step 5: Test marketing To further evaluate the product lines and restaurant chain concepts in real-world situations, prototypes are produced and tested in the restaurant setting.
  • Step 6: Launch The product lines and restaurant chain concepts can be launched at all units once the team has demonstrated the item’s ability to sell, contribute to profits and meet consumer needs.

Food Production and Distribution

We take care of products distribution (online/offline) as well as logistics through our trading companies for international activities in order to get the right products delivered to the right markets and consumers.

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International exchanges

DeZhuang International supports its partners by participating to international fairs, forums, food festivals together with projects in the fields of technology transfer, scientific exchanges and marketing campaigns.

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Restaurant investment and management

DeZhuang International invests and manages Chinese restaurants and food concepts overseas with the aim of promoting authentic and genuine tastes of the Chinese cuisine globally.

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DeZhuang is a leading brand of authentic hot pot and Szechuan condiments with more than 20 years of experience under its belt. Born as a single hot pot family restaurant in Chongqing, the brand later expanded into a successful franchising chain with food manufacturing facilities and over 500 SKU. Today DeZhuang is proud to offer their customers a wide selection of seasonings for meat, fish, vegetables, and noodles, inspired by signature dishes that are making the Szechuan and Chongqing cuisines famous in the world. From stir-fry sauces to soup bases, from spreads to staples, the key rule is to never stop innovating and always bring novel and smart products.

Apr 15, 2018


ChinEAT is a brand founded by a team of international, young and passionate people, who, by developing and selecting some of the most representative and appealing elements of the Chinese culinary traditions, have created a new food concept for the world to enjoy true, genuine and tasty Chinese flavors.

Apr 15, 2018

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