ChinEAT Team Showcase New Products at 99th National Restaurant Association Show

The ChinEAT team just came back from the 99th National Restaurant Association Restaurant Show 2018 (NRA Show), held in Chicago, from Saturday, May 19 through Tuesday, May 22. We had a great time meeting new customers and showcasing our new line of products – The ChinEAT sauce Series.

Since 1919, the National Restaurant Association Restaurant Show 2018 (NRA Show), is the largest annual foodservice trade show in the United States. This year, over 66,000+foodservicee professionals from around the world came together to share innovation, insights and solutions for the future of food and beverage.


It is ChinEAT and DeZhuang International products’, including the “Pure Green Hot Pot Base” “Spicy Hot Pot Base” series’ first official appearance in the United States. ChinEAT products especially received a great amount of interests from local customers, as the product flavors were specifically designed for the global market. Almost all of the customers who have tried the samples said they think highly of the products and would love to see them in stores in the future.